We understand a wide range of distinct industries, working with you to advance your goals and project your future operating model.

Mangrovia’s energy projects centre around the creation of new energy distribution models.

An automated blockchain-based, NPL auction marketplace.

Solutions for industries and enterpreises to gain value from blockchain powered supply chain ecosystem with built-in trust, automation and privacy.

rrrose is the blockchain based architectural framework with which to solve the decentralized validation of artworks and related archive material, and to trace exchanges across the art ecosystem in a reliable and anonymous way, through tools for authenticating identity, origin, ownership and much more.

PaPeers is a latest generation document management system, which integrates the blockchain to guarantee transparency and reliability on the processes of scanning, printing, archiving, exchange, approval, sharing and signing of documents in business and professional environments and with any accredited external parties.

Mind over Money’s Robo Advisory makes it possible to respond immediately to the client’s objectives with the proposals of financial, credit and insurance instruments that make these objectives sustainable.

TimeRepublik is the world’s first purpose-driven social network. Inspired by the concept of time banking, TimeRepublik offers a global online platform for users to provide services in exchange for time coins that can be used to purchase other services on TimeRepublik.