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The blockchain according to Massimo Ferronato, CTO of Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions

Our goal? A middleware to connect companies and blockchains. by Federico Bo Massimo Ferronato has been part of the Internet world for more than thirty years. He knows its logical and physical architecture, the various network levels and the communication protocols like few others. Working around the world for private companies and European institutions, he […]

WEF Blockchain Toolkit

Il World Economic Forum ha realizzato un documento-guida per progettare blockchain (in particolare nel settore supply chain) by Federico Bo A dispetto dei cambiamenti tecnologici intervenuti negli ultimi decenni, le catene di fornitura o supply chain, come abbiamo visto in un precedente post, hanno ancora una struttura “old style”: digitalizzazione scarsa o frammentaria, pratiche obsolete, framework […]

Blockchain and supply chain: an introduction

When chains meet: redesigning supply chains and traceability in the name of efficiency and data quality. by Federico Bo   In today’s difficult times, focusing on issues that foster ideas, suggestions and useful indications aimed at tackling crises can be of great help. When it comes to blockchains and supply chains, data quality and traceability […]

DLT, blockchain and then some

Get the lexicons right in order to understand the difference between these new technologies. by Federico Bo Throughout the blockchain sector, there are still ambiguities in the definitions used. This post will attempt to clarify, at the very least, the key terms that define blockchain technology. Let’s start with a distributed database is: a digital […]

Before the bitcoins (Part 2 of 2)

A brief history of digital currency, continued: from public-key cryptography to Finney tokens. by Federico Bo RSA, PGP and digital cryptography Read part I here. Cryptography probably originated with writing. If it was possible to transmit information in writing and interpretable by everyone, a way had to be devised if one wanted to “hide” a […]

Before the bitcoins (Part I of II)

A brief history of digital currency: from barter to DigiCash. In the beginning there was the transaction. From the day the first Homo sapiens (Homo neanderthalensis?) gave up their flint tools in exchange for pieces of amber owned by their neighbour sapiens, the exchange process began. Since then, we’ve never looked back. What happened on that distant day tens […]

Blockchain and the energy sector: an introduction

Almost 200 companies and startups are testing the technology in the renewable energy and smart grid sector by Federico Bo For more than a century, the energy sector has remained substantially unchanged: its business model linked to the centralization of production (essentially with fossil fuels, hydroelectric energy and then nuclear energy), and the presence of […]

Machine learning: myths & misconceptions

Facts to get straight on Artificial Intelligence and more When it comes to catchphrases like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is a common misconception that ‘intelligence’ is an add-on, ready-made asset, much like a microwaveable meal— in truth, it is quite the opposite. A machine is no more than a heap of material put […]

For the non-techies out there

Humble musings on the dark scary world that is the blockchain. Amanda Lim   Hello world! Ironic that my first blog entry as the Head of Communications of an Italian software house would start with those two words. For the uninitiated, “hello world” in the nerdy world of coders is used as a sanity test in programming to check […]