Blockchain software developers

Mangrovia is a consultancy and software development company, focused on identifying and delivering effective applied cryptography technology solutions and cryptocurrency related services.

Our team can boast outstanding professionals, with proven track records of excellence in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Fintech, Mangrovia Venture Capital Fund

Development of service platforms such as an Exchange, a Digital Wallet and a Payment Platform, dedicated to Cryptocurrency trading, storage and management.

Mangrovia has created a private fund in order to invest in Venture Capital activities in connection with the blockchain and crypto asset management industries.

Mining Farms

Our company has started its first mining farm in Austria, having a total power of 400 kWp. Mangrovia has developed advanced technologies in order to maximize effectiveness and productivity of core hardware and software solutions required for mining activities. We are growing our activities, aiming at deploying no less than 15 MWp between Europe and Asia by 2019.


Prosume is the energy blockchain platform powered by Mangrovia Solutions.

It guarantees an autonomous, independent and digitized smart marketplace upon which users can exchange different energy sources.

Our goal is to create an independent and decentralized, multi-vendor marketplace, in which energy trading and grid balancing activities generate rewards for stakeholders.

The Company is currently pursuing complementary business models for enhancement of market penetration, aiming at collecting metrics via tests and pilot projects, while funding the development and growth of Prosume in international energy markets. By the end of 2019 Prosume will have 1.500 energy nodes in blockchain, in Italy.

Supply Chain

Brandzledger is Mangrovia’s solution aimed at generating significant efficiencies in the fields of supply chain auditing and management. We implement blockchain technology to develop and establish trust in any process involving a transaction, during the whole life cycle of any given product.

Brandzledger sets new standards in the realm of anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions

Our software applications create auditable records, providing security, traceability and certainty of authenticity to all the data and transactions involving any product adopting the technology supplied by Brandzledger.

Blockchain & ICO Consulting

We offer a full suite of services to clients on strategic consulting feasibility services. We help firms understand blockchain technology and its relevance to their core tokenization business model.

A fully managed service that can leverage our proprietary stack, which is built on top of open-source frameworks. We provide clients with the ability to license our development stack to bootstrap applications quickly and efficiently, an enterprise grade support with full operations and maintenance of the deployed blockchain platform.

Mangrovia offers cutting edge customized Blockchain software development services, which range from developing a Blockchain “proof of concept”, smart contract development, security assessment, to turn key applications, designed, set up and seamlessly integrated, aiming at generating substantial tangible efficiencies, without disrupting day to day activities.

When the adoption of Blockchain technology can strongly benefit the project under analysis, then a full set of tailored strategic consultancy and implementation services are made available to each client, based on an open book approach. We have launched and provided advisory services in connection to various Initial Coin Offerings and are equipped, better than any other, to assist customers in identifying the best way forward when considering which solution to adopt and how to best gear projects towards a successful outcome.

Mangrovia’s services leverage on our proprietary stack, which is built on open-source frameworks. We offer clients the essential benefit of licensing our development stack in order to bootstrap applications quickly and efficiently.

Customer Support is a main Corporate priority. Mangrovia commits to providing professional and timely problem solving assistance. Mangrovia offers a full service “operation and maintenance solution” under which each platform we implement enjoys full service assistance and extended warranty terms.

Art Collection Management

Art Galleries and Artists.

Blockchain solves all questions of provenance, transparency, copyright, ownership, valuation and authenticity of art. Even after an artist sold his work, he keeps profiting if it gets re-sold. Droite de suite. Artists get more independent from galleries, as a middle-men is not necessarily needed anymore Artist becomes access to a new group of potential buyers (Crypto-Owners)


In connection to Art, Blockchain as a distributed ledger at its core, provides an unalterable record of provenance. Once a piece of art has been listed on the blockchain, it is impossible to forge or copy it safely. Anyone interested can check the blockchain immediately revealing if the piece being checked is an original. Handling of art pieces (ex: lending pieces to museums/ galleries for exhibitions etc.) becomes safer and instantly traceable The entire history of the art piece, including its presence at exhibitions, art fairs and any other material information the stakeholder desires to register, remains documented, substantially increasing the perception of the history, together with the value of the art piece.

Online crypto-Gaming

Mangrovia develops crypto games based on blockchain software. The first project being launched is “Cyberdeck”, a collectible card game that simulates a Cyberspace war amongst 2 factions, which fight each other over computer networks. Cyberdeck is a “mixed breed” game because it hybridizes classic board game strategies with those of collectible card games within a digital context.