Blockchain software developers

Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions is a software house and system integrator specialising in applied cryptography technology.

Apart from offering full-suite services spanning Consulting, Smart Contract development to Tokenization Models, we are currently growing very specific blockchain business units from the ground up. These range between a variety of industries such as Energy, Fintech, Logistics, Supply Chain, Gaming and Art. The team consists of professionals combining expertise in distributed ledger technology models, interoperability between blockchain platforms, decentralized database platforms, and cybersecurity.


Prosume is the energy blockchain platform powered by Mangrovia.

Prosume aims to be THE main autonomous, independent and digitized smart marketplace where producers, consumers & prosumers choose from a variety of innovative means to exchange identified sources of generated energy.

The blockchain-based platform seeks to promote and accelerate the adoption of newer and more efficient energy models for P2P communities, becoming a recognised player in both the grid management and demand-response landscape.

The company’s current objective is to have 4000 nodes connected in 18 months, creating the biggest network of prosumers on the blockchain in the world.

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Development of financial service platforms, including blockchain payment platform services, wallet interoperability, payment for public administration, NPL rating profile.

Supply Chain

We implement full-service Management Platforms tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, enabling seamless anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions for brands exposed to international trade risk and/or focused on certification of origin matters. Through putting industrial processes on distributed ledger technology, the history and logistics of each component in a product’s life cycle can be permanently recorded, creating an immutable and secure certification of quality, origin, and transaction history.

Brandzledger is Mangrovia’s solution aimed at generating significant efficiencies in the fields of supply chain auditing and management.

Setting new standards in anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions for brands exposed to international trade risk, Brandzledger creates auditable records, providing security, traceability and certainty of authenticity to all data and transactions related to a product.

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Blockchain & ICO Consulting

With its team of blockchain engineers, developers and legal advisors, Mangrovia is one of the best-equipped at providing strategic consulting and feasibility studies for companies seeking to understand distributed ledger and its relevance to their core tokenization business model.

We bootstrap applications quickly and efficiently, manage proofs-of-concept, develop smart contracts and turnkey applications and carry out security assessments.

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Owners, creators and collectors of artwork will be able to securely carry out a variety of tasks on the blockchain. Exactly what unites these stakeholders? The sharing and perusal of artwork. Currently, there exists no method of permanently recording digital-based artwork, with most creators uploading their work on social media networks for self-promotion and publicity. But who does your artwork belong to when you upload it onto someone else’s database? Where is the traceability, the record of ownership? The eventual sale or royalties that could have gone to you through the purchase of an interested collector? rrrose provides the platform for such interactions, from the permanent record of an artwork to the tokenization of its ensuing value.

Buyers and intermediaries of the art ecosystem have one gripe in common: archiving solutions. The mere requisite of the collaboration of an external database provider implicates the necessity of trust from all stakeholders. Through rrrose, the marketplace stands to benefit from the non-centralized quality of distributed ledger, which is what blockchain essentially is. Since the technology provides an unalterable record of provenance, interested parties can trace the relevant history of an art piece, gaining visibility to the information they need to execute the operations required.

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Blockchain for good

The big picture? We see it as the empowerment of the individual, through decentralised trust management dynamics.

Mangrovia is developing innovative solutions based on distributed ledger technology to address social-centric challenges. Our objectives are to shift economic and social paradigms, create resilient communities, foster a circular economy, and facilitate community coordination for transparent, horizontal decision-making processes.

Some of our current efforts focus on:

  • 1) Refugee aid - ranging from supply chain, smart energy grids, to health and ID registration
  • 2) Public administration - helping town councils coordinate and manage their citizen-centred operations

We are also the official blockchain partner of:

  • 3) TimeRepublik - a 'time-token’ platform
  • 4) Elephant Action League - a wildlife preservation non-profit organisation

Mangrovia aims to create a new paradigm of game development and gameplay on the blockchain, facilitating new business models and introducing new modes of interaction between players. The first game (launch date early 2019) is Cyberdeck, a collectible card game set in a dystopian war between 2 factions, who fight each other for precious computer data. Cyberdeck is a “mixed breed” game because it hybridizes classic board game strategies with those of collectible games within a digital context.